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Shawn really helped us in selling our old home and helping us find the perfect new home for our my whole family.

I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone!

Mary Hamilton | Home Seller & Home Buyer
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"Andy is the fourth real estate agent I've worked with over the years and the best! I could not have been more happy with all the above qualities but also his ability to understand my needs and keep me with a reality check when I would wander beyond my location, financial, or house needs. The process was clear and smooth. Hire this man!

5 /5.0
by user8246618
"I bought my house with Shawn as "buyers agent". This was May of 2012, and lenders were very tight with money for the self-employed (me). Shawn found me a lender right away, and took me to properties that were, to say the least, diverse (I was undecided). He was patient, as I narrowed it down to 3 properties. Then he asked me if I wanted the best house, or the best investment. No pressure either way. I chose the best investment. He was absolutely right; and my house has almost tripled in value since then. I made the decision, but Shawn knew the values and the right questions to ask me, to help decide. He never pushed, which I appreciate. He had another person who did the paperwork processing, so I can't really rate that- but it went smoothly. A half hour before closing I drove by the property and could see that the "junk" had not been cleared out, as my contract demanded. Shawn was immediately on the phone with the other agent and by the time we finished closing, it had all been cleaned up and hauled away. In a nutshell: Shawn is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always has a smile on his face! UPDATE: I owned this home for 5 years and Shawn was, again, the best Realtor for the job of seller's agent. My home was 110 years old and had been remodeled throughout the decades. Shawn was knowledgeable about what the inspection might bring up and was armed with estimates for any old construction that might be a problem for buyers. Aluminum wiring? Shawn had already had it checked out and the estimate for the two placed in the house needing new wiring. There were only a few "Old Code" items, and my beautiful little cottage sold to an informed, qualified buyer, thanks to Shawn Johnson!"
5 /5.0
by Alicia Larson
"I was an out of state Seller and Andy handled all the services required to get my Home sold. He was thorough and professional in every way. He worked in my behalf to my complete satisfaction.

At one point, I considered doing a 1031 Exchange and he immediately engaged knowledgeable parties to educate me as an added service. He always went the extra mile.

I recommend anyone who is looking for a hard working Real Estate agent in the Boulder area to seek out Andy Hiles!"
5 /5.0
by user5997189
"I have worked with Andy on many Real Estate deals and he has always exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Andy as a Realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
5 /5.0
by Ian Bennett
"On top of the multiple paperwork and posting mistakes by Shawn he promised and e-mailed us a confirmed per foot price from his contractor to finish the basement so we could afford to buy the house. After we bought, that price nearly tripled. Don't be duped yourself!

Also, we had asked him to pull comps. on the house we bought and he refused multiple times. That was a mistake as we should have demanded it to be able to negotiate a better price. Bad advice from Shawn!"
1 /5.0
by Rustin Burgess
"I met Shawn through his website that updates consistently.I have worked with Shawn for 5 years, purchasing 2 homesand selling one home. He has vast knowledge of constructionwhich has been extremely helpful. He is professional, as well asvery considerate for his clients needs. He is always available tomake sure his clients get the best service. I would not use anyother realtor, as I feel Shawn is the Best !!"
5 /5.0
by user5720065
"Shawn is an amazingly hard working, knowledgable professional. I have worked as a broker in commercial real estate for 30 years and have rarely seen the kind of commitment that Shawn shows his clients. He doesn't give up, doesn't complain he just delivers...and with much grace and humor. As a huge added bonus for those of you looking at fixers like I was, he has a background in construction so understands when something is worth walking away over or if it's nothing that should scare you off. Then he follows up with calls to experts for their opinion too. He is thorough!Being new to Boulder I didn't know a thing about what I was getting into. It made what was a really tangled and stressful deal feel uncomplicated and easy...since he did all the heavy lifting!It was also so relaxed and fun working with him, he's like hanging with a friend. A really caring and smart friend who keeps trying until he finds you the house of your dreams. He is truly a master at what he does."
5 /5.0
by Susan and Rosie Burns
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